Praia Urbana, which means urban beach in Portuguese, is an outdoor electronic music festival that began in heart of downtown Houston, Texas.

The festival combines underground electronic music, live drums, and art all together in a beach style, yet urban outdoor location. Praia Urbana typically takes place on average 3 to 4 times a year during the warmer months.

On May 20, 2006 local Houston DJs and Praia Urbana founders, Alex Clavijo, Bobby Blyss and Steven Towers put on the first Praia Urbana. The event went over with great success and Alex, Bobby and Steven decided to put on the festival three times that year. The following year, in 2007 URB Magazine named Praia Urbana as on of the top 10 parties of the summer. By 2008, the event attendance in Houston had reached almost 1,000 and had outgrown the venue. At this point, the only option was to make the festival a block party and add a second stage. After experiencing exponential growth and rising popularity, Praia Urbana expanded to Austin Texas in 2011, hosting 3 events and 4 events in Houston. In 2013, Praia Urbana has continued to grow and attendance is in the thousands of people.

Houston was recently voted the most diverse city in the United States, and that diversity is represented through Praia Urbana and seen through its unique, cosmopolitan followers. This diverse crowd and international DJs that headline the festivals have elevated Praia Urbana to the international forefront as one of the best outdoor events in the world.